Posted by: J. Charles Hepworth on Dec 18, 2019

As trial lawyers, we understand that our clients and all Idaho citizens are impacted by the law. We represent citizens who need a unified voice with which to seek fair treatment throughout Idaho’s courtrooms.
Nine years ago, the ITLA Foundation Inc. Amicus Program was established. The Amicus Program provides independent and scholarly assistance to Idaho’s courts through friend-of-the-court briefings and arguments on issues of public interest.  identify cases in which an amicus brief from the ITLA Foundation will showcase implications beyond the particular issue.
When citizen’s rights are advanced, our ability to advocate just cases becomes less burdensome and more impactful. Please make your tax-deductible contribution today. Your support of the ITLA Foundation, Inc., will ensure that our collective voice will continue to be heard in Idaho courtrooms in the upcoming year and beyond. To give online, visit or fill out the enclosed contribution form. 
Thank you in advance for your commitment to justice.

- The ITLA Foundation Board of Directors