Posted by: Avery Roberts on Sep 14, 2020


Join in to Protect Democracy!

ITLA is working together to ensure open and safe voting for all Idahoans. The pandemic has changed the way we do things in our country and the elections are not an exception. Many of those who would normally work the polls are declining this year leaving the need for workers.

Each polling location needs qualified workers for several positions such as Chief judge of Election, District judge of Election, Registration Clerk, Poll Book Clerk, Issuing Clerk, Receiving Clerk, and Tally Clerk. Each county is responsible for polling location staffing so check with your county clerk. 

Contact your County Clerk for more information if you are interested in becoming a polling place worker. Contact information for each County Clerk can be found here.
For more information on where to vote, to request and an absentee ballot, or volunteer to work the polls, visit