Posted by: Avery Roberts on Oct 26, 2020

As a trial lawyer, you're in the business of upholding our constitution and strengthening our democracy. That's why it makes sense to encourage your colleagues, staff, and clients to vote.

Here are five easy ways to promote nonpartisan voter participation in your law office.

1. Share voting information on your firm's social media pages.

You can create your own original content or share content created by trusted organizations like the Idaho Secretary of State. 

2.  Set out absentee ballot requests and voter registration cards.

Consider printing out absentee ballot requests and voter registration cards in your reception area for your clients to fill out while they wait.

3. Include voting information in your office.

Print out information on early voting, polling location, and important deadlines. 

4. Celebrate Election Day.

Encourage your staff to wear their "I Voted" stickers or bring in some Election Day treats! 

5. Adopt an election-friendly office policy.

Take a look at this civic responsibility policy drafted by ITLA President-Elect Guy Hallam. This policy includes language allowing employees paid time off to vote, work the polls on Election Day, and participate in jury duty. 
For more information on early voting, absentee ballots, and more, visit