Posted by: Avery Roberts on Dec 15, 2020


The Idaho Legislature will convene in January to create new law. There are many new faces this year, and with the additional obstacles COVID-19 has placed on us to lobby in-person, we need your help more than ever. 

As a law practitioner, you can influence the creation of good law.  We depend on you to get to know your Representatives and Senator as well as call, email, write, or meet with them to help educate them on the important issues which they will address. Grassroots lobbying works and the personal relationship you have with our elected officials is integral to making the system productive.

To make certain each Legislator has contact with competent lawyers from around the state, we need you to take a moment to tell us who you know and who you might be willing to contact regarding legislation.

Here is the link to the new listing of all State Representatives and Senators, as well as Idaho’s Congressional members. Please check off the names of all the people we can count on you to contact. 

Thank you for your help. Even though it is difficult to know what issues are ahead, we wish to be prepared. Working together, we are a powerful voice for you and your clients.


Barbara Jorden