Posted by: Avery Roberts on Feb 17, 2021

The Idaho Legislature is in its sixth week of business. Earlier this week, Senator Peter Riggs introduced legislation that would end the unfair and unjust practice of offsetting a person's UIM coverage when they are in a catastrophic collision. 
We believe SB 1118 will help injured Idahoans and are supporting this legislative effort brought forth by Senator Riggs and his co-sponsors.  As with all our legislative advocacy, our voices are stronger together.

Please consider taking action to support this legislation. Here's how you can help:

Client Advocacy
Your clients are the most impacted by offset provisions in UIM coverage. Client stories play a critical role in illustrating to the legislators just how Idaho law impacts their lives. If you are or have represented clients that have been impacted by the offset provision, please ask them if they could share their story. There are a variety of ways you and your clients can contact legislators,  from writing a letter to testifying to a committee. We are more than happy to guide you and your client through this process. 

Contact Members of the Legislature 
SB 1118 will first be heard in the Senate Commerce & Human Resources Committee. Although it does not have a hearing date set, it is not too early to contact members of the committee, and legislators you know, urging them to support SB 1118. A list of the Senate Commerce & Human Resources Committee Members can be found below and a complete list of the members of the Idaho Legislature can be found here
Sen. Jim Patrick, Chairman 
(208) 332-1318

Senator Mary Souza, Vice Chairman
(208) 332-1322

Senator Fred Martin
(208) 332-1407

Senator Todd Lakey
(208) 332-1328

Senator Jim Guthrie
(208) 332-1348

Senator Jeff Agenbroad
(208) 332-1329

Senator Peter Riggs
(208) 332-1338

Senator Janie Ward-Engelking
(208) 332-1425

Senator Grant Burgoyne
(208) 332-1409

Amplify our Message
We have begun sharing information and updates on our social media platforms like FaceBook and Twitter. Liking, sharing, and commenting on these posts will help spread our message, especially sharing on your platforms.
We need your help to ensure the passage of SB 1118 into law.  As always, we appreciate your willingness to be a part of this work. Please give us a call at (208) 345-1890 or send an email to if you have any questions.