Posted by: Avery Roberts on Jan 9, 2019


The Idaho Legislature is back.


The 1st Regular Session of the 65th Idaho Legislature began on Monday. As always, the Governmental Relations Committee and ITLA Staff will be your eyes and ears at the Capitol working to protect your clients and practice.
This year, there are many new constitutional officers and legislators. To make certain each lawmaker has contact with competent lawyers from around the state, we need you to take a moment to tell us who you know and are willing to contact regarding legislation if you haven’t yet.

Each week, we will send Legislative Updates directly to your inbox tracking important legislation. As needed, we will also send out Action Alerts asking you to contact key decision-makers. ITLA as a group is a powerful voice for civil justice in Idaho. 

For more information about the Idaho legislature, visit

Please give us a call at 208.345.1890 or send an email to if you have any questions.