Posted by: Avery Roberts on Apr 26, 2019

Jeff Hepworth has been practicing law in the State of Idaho for over thirty-three years. Jeff’s practice primarily consists of matters regarding employment law, personal injury, wrongful death, construction defects, and complex commercial litigation. After graduating from the University of Idaho School of Law in 1985, Jeff briefly worked as an associate with the law firm Wilson & Carnahan, before joining the law firm of Hepworth, Nungester & Lezamiz. In 1999, Jeffrey J. Hepworth entered into solo practice in Twin Falls, Idaho. Today, Jeff maintains offices in both Twin Falls and Boise, where he now practices with his son, Grady Hepworth. Over his career, Jeff has handled over 900 disputes, including in excess of fifty civil jury trials and more than twenty court trials. Some of Jeff’s proudest achievements include the trial verdicts in Hennefer v. Blaine Cty. Sch. Dist., 158 Idaho 242, 255, 346 P.3d 259, 272 (2015), Withers v. Western Waste Services, LLC, CV 10-2982 (Fifth Judicial District 2012), and Griffith v. Clear Lakes Trout Co., 143 Idaho 733, 737, 152 P.3d 604, 608 (2007).

Outside the courtroom, Jeff has been happily married to his wife, Leslie, for over 30 years.  Together, along with their two children, they enjoy spending their time golfing, skiing, and eating good food.