Posted by: Kenneth Pedersen on Sep 13, 2019
If a person were to be authentic, he would be an individual. Emerson (paraphased)

I want to say a few words about our friend John Glenn Hall. He was a true friend of The Idaho Trial Lawyers organization for over 40 years. He photographed our meetings, parties and other get togethers. These pictures were used in our journal frequently over the decades. He video recorded programs that were made available to the membership. He spoke to our group several times. I remember when none of us had heard of the internet, he presented at our seminar an explanation complete with big screen examples of how to search. A couple of years ago ITLA honored him with a special Award.

He was a brilliant forensic photographer and offered his services as well as testimony in many trials. He had a special ability to show your case in pictures. He was a pioneer of the production and use at trial of “day in the life” videos. He suggested in another presentation for us that we use videos in settlement brochures. He told us that with a video settlement brochures “there are no [evidentiary] rules.”
On a personal level, if you will allow me, he was a true friend of mine. Always positive, curious, and open minded, we had weekly conversations over coffee on 8th street in Boise. When I would mention a movie, book, article, documentary, or whatever, he would often put it in his notes on his phone, and get back to me with a comment. We talked about everything imaginable. He had a scientific mind but a humanist attitude. You probably know he was a bachelor his whole life, but he had a family that extended throughout the country that included artists, scientists, teachers, fellow photographers, people from all walks of life.

To say that John will be missed is true, but falls short.