Posted by: Jane Gordon on Oct 21, 2019


The Street Law Clinic is approaching its 7th anniversary and what better time is there to sing its praises than during the National Celebration of Pro-Bono (the last week in October, if you have missed all the emails). The lawyers and the students who donate precious time to every session are stars. This year alone, we have helped 575 clients!

In 2018, Street Law Clinic received a Pro Bono Service Award from Legal Services Corporation.

There is a serious need in our community for clinic services. Clients come from the court assistance offices, IVLP, Legal Aid, Fair Housing, and word of mouth. Clinic allows a lot of individuals, an average of 45-60 a clinic, to secure quick legal counsel. It is especially convenient for busy practitioners because you can provide a lot of help to folks without having to provide representation for an indeterminate amount of time. Most attendees are pro-se and unable to afford an attorney; a good portion of those cases are not complex and can be handled with a bit of a boost to get started. Some cases get referred to low-bono services offered through a Legal Aid administered grant. Occasionally, a student will work with an attorney and provide formal representation until a matter is resolved. We are happy to match you with those students as well.

In 2018, Street Law Clinic was nominated for a Serve Idaho Idaho's Brightest Star Award. 

The clinic is staffed by students from the University of Idaho and Concordia and supervising lawyers. The students are generally the ones to meet with the attendees, but lawyers will meet with attendees to speed up the queue. Students get great hands-on experience with working with clients and parsing the situations. Students gather information, discuss it with the lawyers, to put together a plan for the attendee. They receive real-world experience, get to work and build relationships with attorneys and perform important work for the community.

In 2015, Street Law Clinic received the Innovator Award from Idaho Women Lawyers. 
We would love for you to join us for the few remaining clinics of 2019. One of the most common concerns lawyers have about coming to clinic is they do not have the experience necessary for clinic. You absolutely have the knowledge!! You know the Rules of Civil Procedure. These clients are simply trying to figure out the next steps; they are not seeking a litigation plan or trial strategy. Many people attend to find out if they have an actionable issue and how to start it. Clinic is great for new and experienced attorneys alike. New attorneys get experience in explaining the law to laypersons, issue spotting, and hands on application of the law. They also get to meet and work with attorneys in other practice areas in a collaborative environment. Assisting people with their legal issues builds confidence in their skills. Experienced attorneys can answer questions quicker and provide direction for the occasional complex or novel issue.
We have a good time at clinic and it’s a great way to get to know others that you might not normally have the opportunity to work with. There are only three clinics left in 2019, and we would love to have you join us. Please contact me if you have questions, or Avery if you can attend. The clinic is 4-6 pm at the downtown Library! on October 28, November 25, and December 9.