The James J. May Trial Lawyer of the Year Award recognized excellence in trial advocacy, commitment to defending justice inside and outside of the legal community, and generosity and dedication to the mission of ITLA. 

This award is presented yearly in Sun Valley at the annual conference in June. Anyone may nominate a lawyer to receive this award and the winner will be selected by an independent committee. 

2003: Steven C. Verby

2004: Andrew M. Chasan

2005: Darrell W. Aherin

2006: Walter H. Bithell

2007: Kenneth L. Pedersen

2008: Breck H. Barton

2009: Jim C. Harris

2010: William L. Mauk

2011: Kurt D. Holzer

2012: Tim Gresback

2013: David E. Comstock

2014: Richard S. Owen

2015: Timothy C. Walton 

2016: John A. Bush

2017:  Robert C. Huntley