Message from the ITLA President:

It is a great honor and privilege to serve as President of ITLA in 2018.  I have watched as many inspired and inspiring leaders have taken up this post, and it is my intention to give every bit of dedication and commitment that this position deserves.

Together in Sun Valley we discussed the current state of this exceptional organization.  Last year we were able to increase our membership, pass meaningful legislation and promote excellence in Idaho’s judiciary.  In the coming year it is my goal to focus on the basics, while emphasizing our mission statement and those ideals established by our founding members.  As your President, I am committed to inspiring excellence in advocacy through training and education; encouraging cooperation among our members; and ensuring that ITLA remains the model for dignity and honor of the legal profession where the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity are upheld.

At our swearing-in ceremony, each of us took an oath to conduct ourselves in conformity with the high standards of our profession. Then, when we joined ITLA, we took a greater oath, and promised to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity. Being a trial lawyer means being better. My hope is that when our next President takes charge of this organization in 2019, he will be able to say that we are better individuals and a better organization.

As you have placed your trust in me, I likewise place my trust in you that together we will continue to uphold the founding principles that make ITLA one of Idaho’s most admired and respected organizations of attorneys.  

Jeff Owens
ITLA President



Jeffrey R. Owens, Hayden

Jarom A. Whitehead, Twin Falls

Taylor L. Mossman-Fletcher, Boise

T. Guy Hallam, Jr., Boise

AAJ Governors
Darrel W. Aherin, Lewiston 
David E. Comstock, Boise

AAJ Delegates
Tim Gresback, Moscow
Eric S. Rossman, Boise

Past Presidents
Wyatt B. Johnson, Boise
James D. Ruchti, Boise

Governmental Relations
Andrew M. Chasan, Boise
Kurt D. Holzer, Boise
Russell L. Johnson, Boise

Erika Birch, Boise
Chip Giles, Boise
Matthew D. Romrell, Idaho Falls

Public Relations
Sheli Fulcher Koontz, Boise

Matthew C. Andrew, Nampa
Daniel J. Luker, Boise
Erica S. Phillips, Boise

Michael J. Hanby II, Twin Falls
Regina M. McCrea, Hayden
W. Breck Seiniger, Jr., Boise

Student Liaison
Ashley Marelius, Boise

Street Law Clinic
Jane Gordon, Boise

Brian J. Hilverda, Twin Falls

Women's Caucus
Angie Perkins, Boise

Workers' Compensation
Darin G. Monroe, Boise

District Directors
Josh K. Hickey, Sandpoint 
Stephen J. Nemec, Couer d'Alene
Anthony C. Anegon, Lewiston 
Eben T. Masingill, Weiser 
Stephen E. Blackburn, Meridian
Evan S. Mortimer, Boise
Rebecca A. Rainey, Boise
Steven R. McRae, Twin Falls
Lee P. Ritzau, Ketchum
Joel A. Beck, Pocatello
Bron M. Rammell, Pocatello
John M. Avondet, Idaho Falls
Justin B. Oleson, Blackfoot


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