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Posted by: Avery Roberts on Nov 8, 2018

The Idaho Legislature will convene in January to create new law and there are plenty of new Senators and  Representatives.  To make certain each Legislator has contact with competent lawyers from around the state, we need you to take a moment to tell us who you know and are willing to contact regarding legislation.

We depend on you to get to know your Representatives and Senator as well as call, email, write or meet with them to help educate them on the important issues which they will be called upon to address.  Grassroots lobbying – the personal relationship with a constituent – is integral to making our system productive. As a law practitioner, you can influence the creation of good law.

Here is the link to a listing of all State Representatives and Senators, as well as Idaho’s Congressional members.  Please check off the names of all the people we can count on you to contact. If you are unable to fill out the form use the link here.

Thank you for your help.  Even though it is difficult to know what issues are ahead, we wish to be prepared.  Working together, we are a powerful voice for you and your clients.

Posted by: Avery Roberts on Oct 15, 2018


We're looking for Guest Bloggers to help create original content that educates, inspires, and empowers trial lawyers. 

The What
ITLA FYI, our online journal, publishes new content on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. We're looking for Guest Bloggers who are willing to share their expertise and time by writing a 500 to 2,000-word blog post. Topics can range from case overviews to inspirational anecdotes, to an in-depth how-to guide. 

The Why
The way the world, and our industry, communicates is changing. We want to make sure we continue to provide you the best tools and resources to advocate for your clients. 

The Who
Submissions will be accepted from attorneys, judges, industry experts, and industry partners. Remember, trial lawyers are your target audience. So make sure your submission is creative and compelling. 

The How
It's simple. Have an idea? Let us know. Send us your article submission here

Questions? Give us a call at 208-345-1890 or email us at

Posted by: Avery Roberts on Sep 17, 2018


The 7th Amendment holds accountable those who break rules and cause harm to others. Our forefathers provided us with the 7th Amendment to empower American citizens and jurors with the responsibility of holding wrongdoers accountable to those they have harmed. The civil right to a jury trial is how Americans enforce our legal responsibilities to each other.

Today and every day we celebrate the 7th Amendment. 

Posted by: Barbara Jorden on Sep 4, 2018


AAJ is updating and refreshing the Take Justice Back website with all new content. Visit to read about legislative priorities, hear real stories about people pursuing justice, and see the latest AAJ research reports. And be sure to follow Take Justice Back on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates as they happen. 

Posted by: Barbara Jorden on Aug 31, 2018

Check out our new MyITLA webpage!

All of your membership needs are not conveniently located on one easy to manage page.  When you visit, login and click the My ITLA button at the top right of the page.  It will take you to the page which shows you your current membership, your areas of practice and your recent searches.  You will also have the ability to register for seminars, pay invoices and make charitable donations to the Amicus program.  



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