Community Resources


ITLA can help you find the right type of lawyer for your case, answer basic legal questions at the Street Law Clinic, and help you find the resource you need to navigate the justice system.



Find a Lawyer

This link searches for expert attorneys in a specific location or field of practice. Find the ITLA member who best fits your needs.

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Street Law Clinic

Have a legal issue? This clinic provides on-the-spot legal advice to walk-in clients.

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Friend of the Court

Do you have a case with an important legal issue that merits further consideration from the Amicus team?

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The Laws of Idaho

Use this link to search the current Idaho statutes and contact your legislator

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Legal services in Idaho

Other than ITLA, who might be able to help with legal problems?

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National legal organizations

Link here for national organizations who support civil justice and fairness.

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