The Idaho Trial Lawyers Association (“ITLA”) is a statewide voluntary bar association dedicated to achieving justice for all persons and to improving the administration of justice.  It is the mission of ITLA to preserve the constitutional right to trial by jury.

ITLA membership is geographically and politically diverse.  Our members practice law in areas encompassing all aspects of the law including, but not limited to, personal injury, workers’ compensation, employment, criminal defense, family, immigration, disability, housing, wrongful death, and malpractice.  

Our organization as a whole does not typically endorse individuals who are seeking judicial positions or other elected offices.  However, ITLA members recognize the importance of the selection and election of qualified, competent and experienced lawyers to the bench and legislature.  Therefore, ITLA encourages lawyers, including ITLA members, who are experienced in the courtroom, have an understanding of the trial process, have great passion for the law, and who would bring a well-reasoned, thoughtful and unbiased perspective to the Court or legislature, to apply for open positions or seek election to public office.  

ITLA encourages our members to support the candidate of their choosing, with as much fervor as they wish.



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